Sun Breaks Campaign Exclusive Content Library


Tsogo Sun is a multinational hotel, gaming, and entertainment group.


The client wanted to optimize its seasonal campaign budget in order to come out with a library of Exclusive Content that would be able to service its marketing needs throughout the year.

The client needed crisp, approachable, clean lifestyle visual collateral showing families and friends having fun on holiday together at their hotels. The client wanted the audience to feel part of the experience when experiencing the imagery, which was taken into consideration throughout the production and shoot process.


The monthly budgets for the desired campaigns were combined to enable one big production to service all the client’s needs for the year’s marketing collateral. The MWP team handled the entire production.

The project was affected over a 5-day shoot across 2 cities at 4 different hotels within the group as well as further holiday locations. The casting of 14 cast members, including children, family members, young adults, and older more professional-looking models were handled by the MWP casting team across the 2 cities. A stylist team, and hair and make-up artist ensured that all the models were looking their best.


Creative Development
    + Concept development

    + Logistics
    + Scouting
    + Prep

    + Production
    + Photography

• Post-Production
    + Photo Editing
    + Color Grade
    + Cinemagraph Editing

Creative Concept

The concept was simple: children, families, friends and couples having fun on holiday.

Stills and Cinemagraph Shoot

Our photography and cinemagraph team ensured that the best moments were captured for the client’s Exclusive Content Library utilizing Golden Hour light and creating moments with the clever use of light to add to the production quality.


- Pitching and quoting – 2 weeks
- Preproduction and production – 2,5 weeks
- Shoot – 1 week
- The postproduction process of selections and editing – 4 weeks.


Cinemagraph content was created to optimize engagement across social channels resulting in up to 15x more engagement for the client.

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